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Bargain Shopping for a Home

‘Tis the season! And, no, I don’t mean Christmas, although that is fast approaching, too.  More on that later!

What I DO mean is that Fall is the perfect time to to snag a bargain on your next home purchase. RealtyTrac analyzed more than 32 million home sales over 15 years and found that October buyers paid 2.6% below the Estimated Market Value of the home.  For a home valued at $200,000, that’s a savings of $5,200!


Spring and Summer have long been considered the best time to buy a home. More inventory will be available in the Summer, but prices tend to rise when demand increases so it is typically not the best time for a good deal.

Not only are the majority of homes listed for sale during Spring and Summer, but it has also historically been the time to move.  Most families with school-aged children want to move between school years when a change in schools is required. The weather during Summer is also a plus.  I have moved in 102 degree heat in the South and in the dead of winter in the Midwest.  I will take the heat and humidity over below-freezing temps, a foot of snow on the ground, and mud and slush any day!

With less potential buyers looking for a home in the Fall, there will be less competition for the homes that are available on the market. Agents are not as busy and will have more time to dedicate to you and your home search. Professional services that are needed during a transaction such as lenders, inspectors, title companies, and moving companies, will also have more availability.  Having the full attention of these service providers can lead to a less stressful buying experience for you.


Those sellers who were “testing the waters” in Spring and have had their home on the market all Summer are READY to sell.  It is exhausting to keep a home in showing condition for months on end. This can lead to negotiating power for the Buyer.

Sellers who keep their home on the market through Fall and Winter are usually motivated sellers. Selling their home could be related to a job change that requires a move or they simply want to be moved and settled into their new home by the time the Holiday Season rolls around in November.  There is something quite magical about decorating and celebrating the holidays for the first time in a new home!


Closing on your new home before the end of the year can bring potential tax savings the following April 15. You may be able to claim tax deductions like closing costs, mortgage interest, and property tax to offset your taxable earnings for the year. Talk to your financial advisor to see what deductions you are able to claim or see a summary from the IRS website here.

There are home improvement bargains galore at year end! Most homeowners have a list of changes they want to make to the home after they move in. In addition to Black Friday sales, there are holiday sales for the better part of November and December. Fall is when major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers go on sale. Lawn mowers, tractors, and leaf blowers are also deeply discounted during this time.

An additional benefit of remodeling this time of year is that contractors will be coming out of their prime busy season and will be looking for work to fill their schedules. They will want finish the year strong and have work to get them through the Winter. You may even be able to snag a deal on remodeling work after getting a great deal on the home purchase.  It is a DOUBLE-win!

Just because summer has come and gone, don’t think you have missed your window of opportunity to find your next home.  You just might snag a great deal AND have money left over to make it your very own!