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Being a Good Neighbor

Being a Good Neighbor

When first time home-buyers research the process of buying their first home, they rarely come across information pertaining to the fact that they will soon become somebody’s neighbor. Being on good terms with your neighbors can make your life that much easier. Cooperating neighbors makes for a friendlier community, a safer neighborhood, and an overall better place to live. All of these factors can have an impact on home values as well. Here are a few tips to help first time home buyers be a better neighbor.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Get to know them. It helps to understand what they do for a living and vice versa. This will help you understand each other’s schedules, and open the door for the opportunity to help each other out on occasion. Be a good communicator and let your neighbors know of any changes in your schedule. Ask questions about the neighborhood and find out things like trash pick-up schedules, and proximity to amenities.

Be considerate. Use common sense and consider your neighbors’ lifestyles and schedules. Keep the noise to a reasonable level and notify your neighbors if you plan to have a late-night social engagement. Control your dog and be sure to clean up after it. If you can, keep your car parked in front of your own house. Try to position your grill or bonfire so that it does not excessively blow onto your neighbor’s property.

Be aware of what’s going on in and around the neighborhood. Notify your neighbors if you see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious. Also notify your neighbors if there are any neighborhood events coming up.

Good luck and remember, friendly neighborhoods help home values!!!

Deb Deloye, Realtor