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Improving Value as the Prime Selling Season Approaches

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Believe it or not, the snow will eventually melt and the temperatures will rise indicating the onset of Spring and the beginning of the prime selling season for real estate. Improving the value of your home can be beneficial whether or not you plan to sell this year. Obviously if you plan to sell, increasing your home’s value can increase your position in the market thus attracting more buyers. But even if you don’t plan to sell, improving your home’s value(especially with curb appeal) can improve the selling prices of any of your neighbors’ homes that plan to sell this year, thus c... Read More

Welcome Ben Redick!

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Bruns Realty Group is pleased to announce that Ben Redick has been promoted to Principal Broker and General Manager of the company. In this role his responsibilities will include providing full support to the agents in the brokerage, as well as expanding the business of the brokerage through new business development, networking, marketing, and recruiting. Ben has been with the Bruns family of enterprises since 2008, and has been an agent with Bruns Realty Group since 2011. Please help us welcome Ben to his new position. Read More

Getting ready to sell

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Ask any real estate agent to sum up what nearly every seller’s goals are and they will most likely say it is to sell their property for the maximum amount in the fastest time possible. Essentially, they want there to be a demand for the home that they are selling. But there are so many factors that play an important role in creating demand for a home; some of which a seller has little or no control over. For example, location is one of if not the most important factor in home values. And what the demand will be within certain communities and neighborhoods cannot be controlled by individual s... Read More

Being a Good Neighbor

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Being a Good Neighbor When first time home-buyers research the process of buying their first home, they rarely come across information pertaining to the fact that they will soon become somebody’s neighbor. Being on good terms with your neighbors can make your life that much easier. Cooperating neighbors makes for a friendlier community, a safer neighborhood, and an overall better place to live. All of these factors can have an impact on home values as well. Here are a few tips to help first time home buyers be a better neighbor. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Get to know the... Read More