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Getting ready to sell

Ask any real estate agent to sum up what nearly every seller’s goals are and they will most likely say it is to sell their property for the maximum amount in the fastest time possible. Essentially, they want there to be a demand for the home that they are selling. But there are so many factors that play an important role in creating demand for a home; some of which a seller has little or no control over. For example, location is one of if not the most important factor in home values. And what the demand will be within certain communities and neighborhoods cannot be controlled by individual sellers. Neighborhood pride and various economic factors can greatly impact the future value of a home and can be unpredictable. The seller must be ready to put the home on the market, the timing within the market must be right, and the home itself must be ready to hit the market.

A seller must have a good reason to sell their home. Job changes or the need for more or less space can be good reasons to sell and not feel “desperate.” Reasons for selling can impact the pricing and negotiating processes. Sellers should simply ask themselves why they want to sell their home.

Timing can also play an important role in maximizing demand. As a rule of thumb, buyers are more active in the spring and summer so as to secure the home prior to the start of the school year. An emerging trend in today’s market is the desire for a home with outdoor living spaces. So it makes sense that it can be tough to sell a home at the highest price when winter weather is preventing potential buyers from seeing the value in a home’s exterior features.

Another important aspect of selling a home for the maximum amount is the condition of the home itself and how the home was updated/improved over the years. Improvements to the home should be made so that the property shows well to the masses and reflects community preferences. It is possible to be “too custom.” Cosmetic upgrades such as paint, flooring, and landscaping help a home show better and are often good investments. Mechanical repairs also provide comfort to a buyer that the systems and appliances are in good working order and often times under warranty. Lastly, it is important to clean and de-clutter the home. It is more attractive to buyers to see a clean, organized home. Even with dated finishes, buyers can recognize when a home has been well cared for.

Selling a home is a major life/financial decision. It’s important for a seller to speak openly with their realtor and vice versa. A good realtor is going to give you their recommendations on the value of your home and what is recommended to improve its appeal.

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